Services to People with
Mental Retardation and
Related Disabilities

Services through the Aiken County Board of Disabilities and Tri-Development Center to people in Aiken County with mental retardation and related disabilities are provided in a variety of settings. Such services may be provided in at job sites, day vocational programs, in individuals’ homes, at area recreation centers, etc. Services and supports are available locally to individuals who live with their families, in their own households, and in various types of congregate living arrangements. A few individuals from Aiken County continue to receive residential services through regional centers operated by the S.C. Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. Services are provided on a priority needs basis to persons determined eligible for services.

Applying for Services

If you believe your child or family member has either mental retardation or a related disability, contact us at 803-642-8800 and ask for service coordination. Someone will help arrange eligibility determination. If the person is eligible, a plan of supports will be developed based on the needs and desires of the person with mental retardation or a related disability and the family.

There are waiting lists for some services. Services are provided according to priority of need and are based on availability.




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For more information about the Aiken County Board of Disabilities, please contact us at any of the following:
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Aiken County Board of Disabilities
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