Letter to Consumers On Person Centered Planning, Individual Client Assessment Profile (ICAP) & Facilitation

Across the state of South Carolina, there is an effort to make the service delivery system more responsive to the needs of consumers with disabilities. Under a revised service system operating under the concepts of "Person Centered Practices (PCP)," it is believed that great strides will be made in creating environments where the principle of self-determination can become a reality in the lives of those we serve.

Over a three year period (July 1998 – June 2001), all individuals receiving services and supports from Tri-Development Center and the Aiken County Board of Disabilities will be involved in the development of individualized Person Centered Plans. Each person will have an Individual Plan of Supports. This plan will replace the annual plan of service or the Individual Habilitation Plan that your service coordinator or, where applicable, QMRP has developed with you each year.

You will be notified prior to when you are scheduled to have a facilitated Plan of Supports developed. Prior to the development of the Plan of Supports, a representative of the S.C. Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN) in Columbia will need to meet with you in order to assess your level of need. In some cases he/she will need to also talk to your family and/or others in order to adequately perform an assessment. The assessment being used is the Individual Client Assessment Profile or ICAP. It is expected that it will take approximately one hour to complete the assessment. On a later date, this tool will be used to help in developing the Plan of Supports.

Prior to the date you have chosen for your planning meeting, you will select a facilitator to be present at the meeting. A facilitator is a person who assists an individual with a disability and his/her family with the development of the personalized plan designed to meet the person’s basic needs, preferences, personal desires, and life goals. He/she will be selected from an approved list of individuals trained to have special expertise in the area of facilitation. It is noted that a facilitator may not be an employee of a disability agency providing direct services. This decision was made by DDSN in an effort to maximize the advocacy role of the facilitator. Locally, this means that employees of the Aiken County Board of Disabilities and Tri-Development Center will no longer have the responsibility of plan facilitation.

The role of the independent facilitator is to develop goals that a person wants to achieve with the input of that person, his or her family, and support network. By having a facilitator who is independent of agencies providing direct services, it is thought that it will be possible to look more broadly at needs, desires, and preferences of the consumer and not be tempted to look at needs in terms of how they would be addressed through existing service offerings.

Consumers, family members, and others chosen by consumers (with the exception of service coordinators and others employed by agencies providing direct services) may facilitate planning meetings. To assure quality, if the person facilitating a meeting is not on the approved list of facilitators, an approved facilitator must still be present in a consultant supportive role for the consumer. He/she will be able to offer suggestions and to write up the plan when it is completed.

We look forward to continuing to assist you in achieving your dreams outlined in the plans that result from the above described facilitated meetings. We agree that service systems should be flexible, capable of re-directing resources, and capable of developing solutions which cross agency boundaries.

We encourage you to stay informed and actively involved in the process of change within the service delivery system.



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