Children's Services - Aiken Tri-Development Center

The benefits of intervention services early in a child’s life have clearly been demonstrated. Through Tri-Development Center’s children’s services we are able to provide families in Aiken County with the supports necessary for them to adequately meet the needs of

their children with disabilities. Children receiving the services of Early Interventionists are primarily those from birth to age three, although some children may receive these supports until age six.

Early Intervention provides family focused, in-home and community-based services. An Early Intervention Specialist helps families learn early childhood development and stimulation techniques and provides service coordination in accordance with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The Early Intervention Specialists also help to mainstream children with developmental delays in settings outside the home. Efforts are directed toward serving children with disabilities in regular community settings such as day care centers. In some instances specialized in-home supports are provided to children who are medically fragile and need nursing or other services/supports.

Children's Services - Aiken Tri-Development Center

Opportunities for children with disabilities to be included also extend into the summer for school-aged children.




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